58 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses 44. Are the library’s commitment to or contributions to inclusion and diversity explicitly used, described, or discussed in your communications with stakeholders, including the inclusion of the library’s diversity or inclusion statement? N=50 Yes 37 74% No 13 26% Comments N=9 An inclusion and diversity statement appears on all printed and electronic publications, implemented FY2018. As a state institution we must state this in all communications and furthermore, we must make all our communications ADA compliant. But in the form of examples Explicitly stated in library’s strategic plan. In newsletter when we include mission, vision, core values. In strategic directions printed brochures & online In the strategic plan On the web site Yes, when appropriate. 45. Do the library’s communications professionals or unit report through the library development office? N=51 Yes 8 16% No 42 84% If no, where do they report? N=31 Associate Dean/Libraries Administration Associate Director for Business Administration AUL, Administrative Services Both communications and development report to the associate dean. Communications professionals used to report to the development officer, but were recently moved out of the department and now report to the university librarian. Dean (5 responses) Dean’s Office (2 responses) Deputy Chief Librarian Deputy Director of Libraries Director of communications reports to university librarian. Libraries administration. While there is coordination, Libraries communications selects and advises on development projects. Marketing and communication work group is part of the University Libraries organization, whereas library development reports through centralized university development operation.
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