105 SPEC Kit 359: Library Development VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Director of Development Annual Faculty Planning and Assessment Report .. _ Annual Faculty Planning and Assessment Report Name: Plan Dale: Proposed FY :?018 Self-Asse.�smen1 Date: A) Statement ofResponsibilities Annual gi\•ing 11nd donor rel111ions B) Annual Work Plan, Report and �ment Job Responsibilities: 95% of tJme Plan/Goal J: Increase the number of personal visits, with 25 significant contacts und 12 face to face contacts. Out or these contacts, make IO solicitations, closing 7 gifts. Raise $50,000, including proceeds from the Friends of the Library Book.we. Increase participation nues for faculty/staff/retiree campaign, develop Slaff FOL levels. Hold foe/staff thank you event Continue cultivation of RPI/MCV reunion groups. Increase phonathon participation, continue CLUAC lhankalhon. Develop Inside the Library mini-leclure series. Send out binhday cards to significunt donors once a monlh. Take the lead on stcwani.�hip initiatives and donor recognition project�. S1!/f•Aue.vsme11t: Plarr/Goal 2: Continue raising Board panicipation while working on s1rategies lo minimize staff time spent on Board activities. FOL Board: 4 meetings a year, with committee meetings as needed. Cabell Associates: I meeting a year. Schedule and prepare volunteers for donor calls with key staff members as appropriate. Supports the volunteer recruitment process for board recruitment. special even1s W1l other initiative.- of the VCU Libraries. lnstilute FOL Board thankathon. Achieve 100% FOL Board giving. Hold FOL Board n:trcal. Encoura8e more participa1ion from Cabell Associates, in both evcn1s auendance and giving. Report:
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