15 Donor Group/Population Unrestricted Limited/Special Projects N Library employees 39 15 52 Non-donors (never givers) to the library 12 41 52 Retired library employees 40 15 52 Current fiscal year donors to other areas of the institution 5 46 50 Non-donors (never givers) to other areas of the institution 20 31 50 Lapsed fiscal year donors to other areas of the institution 9 41 49 Parents/grandparents of current students 8 42 49 Alumni 11 39 49 Retired employees of the institution (outside of the library) 10 39 48 Board of Trustees 6 43 48 Institutional employees outside of the library 9 39 47 Current students 9 38 46 University trustees 4 43 46 Parents/grandparents of alumni 9 35 44 Other potential donor group 20 15 30 Total number of respondents 52 52 54 If you selected other potential donor group/unrestricted above, please briefly describe the group. N=18 Board of overseers Community borrowers Community members, corporations and foundations. Just a note, the limits are always if the prospect is currently managed by another unit. Event attendees, In-kind donors Federation of Aggie Mother’s Clubs and A&M Clubs Foundations, corporations Friends of the Library Friends of the Library, people who give the library gifts-in-kind, but are not associated with the university. Friends, collectors Local community members, other librarians in the state Non-alumni, non-donor family members of donated/curated collections. Also, special interest groups (non-alumni, non-donor) who have connections to a curated collection field of interest. Private foundations, public funders The Libraries has access to our central prospect/research/analytics team. If we find a prospect that may not be an alum or be in our database, they can help us with research, wealth status, contact info, and philanthropic info. I can approach anyone, anywhere as long as they are not already involved in a major
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