36 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses We work collaboratively with other schools and units across the campus to cultivate donors through shared events and solicit support for collections in conjunction with endowed chairs. 20. Are development officers from other colleges or units actively supportive of fundraising for the library? N=53 Yes 36 68% No 17 32% If yes, please describe their role and the results. N=33 Actively? Yes, if alums & donors indicate interest. All of the development officers at the foundation are supportive of one another. They will provide leads to the development officer of the library, set up meetings for them when they are visiting out of town, and help strategize team solicitations. Annual fund team or other school development teams based on donor interest. As needed, depending upon nature of gift to campus unit that they oversee. Central development regional major gifts officers are very helpful. Central, regional, international, gift planning, annual fund Collaborate with institutional advancement staff including major gift officers, gift planning, the annual fund, alumni relations, and corporate foundation relations. Collaborations encouraged by the central development office. Examples: joint initiative for library fund to support an endowed chair donor who expresses two distinct areas of interest—one of which is the libraries and the other of which is a college or other area of the university with a separate development officer. Development officers collaborate with Libraries’ LDO to make connections to donors when donors’ interests align with the Libraries’ purposes and goals. DOs from other units are supportive if the gift is a joint gift for their unit, or if they are central major gift officers (not assigned to a unit). Collaboration has resulted in several major gifts ranging from $25K to $1million. Fundraising officers across campus are collaborative and we generally work well together. In the past, we’ve had collaborations on major gifts ($25K) with two other units, and three similar collaborations are currently in the works. Generally, development officers in the colleges recognize and appreciate that the Libraries support ALL students. Whenever possible, the Libraries and colleges collaborate on gifts. Collaboration is a critical component in addressing our donors’ passion. Honors college dean, mass communications dean, and current donor sharing with college of science If they manage a donor who also gives to the library, it will be included as part of their strategy in some cases. Gifts have been secured by other gift officers to support the library that serves their college. It is standard protocol to work closely with school/college/unit development officers on shared projects and services placed within the Libraries. The Libraries have developed close partnerships with schools/ colleges/units for the purpose of fundraising together. Joint solicitations for libraries and other units on campus
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