57 It depends on the purpose of the solicitation and the audience. More data from usability studies, student focus groups, etc. Other qualitative measures we would use if we had access to them are more stories like these, but, in addition, the results of stories like these. Do these experiences help researchers procure more funding? Do these experiences make students more successful? In the graduate school or job markets? Progress towards specific campaign goals including annual and capital as well as qualitative assessment of general collecting areas that might be relevant to interests expressed by prospects and donors. Quotes from donors, students, faculty, staff, and library community feedback on library services Student quotes Survey results, reader panels, focus groups These are also measured against the strategic directions: how have we succeeded in these directions and what progress has been made? We need an easier, more systematic way to identify the success stories mentioned above. We need more specific testimonials from students. Would love video content to share in e-communications. Would love more images of Libraries community for communications, depicting scholarship, group learning, librarian-student interaction. Stories from librarians as to specific ways they’ve enabled scholarship and research projects in the lives of students and faculty. 43. Are the library’s commitment to or contributions to intellectual freedom explicitly used, described, or discussed in your communications with stakeholders, including the inclusion of the library’s intellectual freedom statement? N=50 Yes 22 44% No 28 56% Comments N=10 Answered Yes N=6 In newsletter when we include mission, vision, core values. In strategic directions printed brochures & online Not typically part of fundraising communications, but are used in other communications when appropriate Particularly support for open access Programming for Freedom to Read Week each year, included on library website. The Libraries support and advocate for intellectual freedom through our open access publishing fund, affordable textbook project, information tables, workshops, and more. Answered No N=4 It is included in the gift agreement form. Not especially. We could do better. Not explicitly Unless it becomes necessary.
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