108 Representative Documents: Development Boards & “Friends” UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES National Advisory Board Constitution 1 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I Name The name of this organization is the University of Kentucky Libraries National Advisory Board. ARTICLE II Purpose The University of Kentucky Libraries National Advisory Board serves as an external advisory body to the Dean of Libraries. Members of the Advisory Board have attained prominence in their respective careers and are chosen for their value in providing sound counsel to the Dean. Membership includes alumni. The Advisory Board also welcomes non-alumni members, with an active interest in the University of Kentucky Libraries (UK Libraries). The purpose of the Advisory Board is to: (a) promote the best interest and welfare of UK Libraries (b) acquaint fully all alumni and friends with the progress and needs of UK Libraries (c) develop closer bonds of fellowship among alumni and friends (d) provide opportunities for alumni and friends of UK Libraries to network and (e) exchange information about academic activities and interests. The primary responsibilities of members of the University of Kentucky Libraries National Advisory Board are as follows: A. Recognize distinguished friends of UK Libraries for their contribution to the community, to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, to the nation, and to the world, including the selection of the Library Award for Intellectual Achievement. B. Increase private philanthropic support by assisting in major gift fundraising efforts by identifying potential major gift donors and assisting with the recognition of major donors to UK Libraries. C. Assist UK Libraries in its mission by making philanthropic gifts commensurate with their capability. D. Increase awareness of UK Libraries throughout the commonwealth, the nation, and the world. E. Advise UK Libraries on matters relating to fundraising, service to the community, and external relations.
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