38 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses LIBRARY DEVELOPMENT STAFF EVALUATION Note: moves are defined steps that bring a prospect closer to a gift visits are personal interactions with a prospect pipeline reports are tools used to analyze which stage in the development process a donor might be in—identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation, or stewardship. 21. For each measure below please indicate whether it is Not Important, Important, or Very Important for evaluating the performance of the chief/most senior LDO. Select NA if the measure is not used to evaluate their performance. Make one selection per row. N=51 Measure Not Important Important Very Important NA N Dollars raised 0 12 37 2 51 Number of visits 1 15 33 2 51 Number of asks/proposals 1 19 29 2 51 Number of gift closures 3 18 27 3 51 Overall dollar goal 0 22 26 3 51 Visits per month (or other period) 6 24 18 3 51 Number of qualified donors 7 22 16 6 51 Number of moves 15 18 8 10 51 Pipeline reports 15 19 8 8 50 Moves per month (or other period) 14 20 7 10 51 Assisting other units 16 21 3 11 51 Joint proposals 16 23 1 11 51 Other criteria 2 2 3 11 18 Total number of respondents 30 49 46 17 51 If you indicated above that other criteria are important or very important, please briefly describe the criteria. N=5 Number of prospects in portfolio Number of submitted opportunities (proposals) Since the library does not have specific alumni and serves the entire community, campus partnerships are essential in helping to build awareness and support. Give Day, Parents Weekend, Reunion Weekend are secured and we work regularly with Foundation Relations. University-wide projects such as scholarships, campaigns, and total annual giving to institution We are also measured by size of gift, number of gifts, and type of gift (cash or planned). Additional comments N=8 Because development responsibilities are shared with the university endowment, not all criteria are applicable. Our role is primarily cultivation. Development program at Libraries is still being developed in partnership with central development. Numerical metrics haven’t been put in place, because potential is yet to be determined. The other university development directors are evaluated on all of these metrics, and we have plans to develop our own in time. “Engagement activities” described as events whether internal to the library or external to other parts of the organization.
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