56 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Number of visitors annually, count of articles accessed electronically, number of questions answered annually. Photos, if applicable, and narratives that describe the accomplishment or endeavor that was innovative or of interest. Progress towards specific campaign goals including annual and capital Quotes from donors, students, faculty, staff expressing satisfaction with libraries Quotes from students, faculty, and librarians about impact of gifts Regular updates of library initiatives and projects Retweets, Facebook sharing, social media interactions, and event attendance Special collections news, new acquisitions information, new services at the Libraries, updates on the construction and progress of our new library, library public programming, awards, grants received, staff accomplishments, donor information, etc. Special projects, “big news,” student or faculty successes Stories from library users: student, faculty, alums Stories indicating student support. Examples of exhibits, events, and activities involving students and faculty in the libraries Stories of direct impact to students, faculty and staff collaborations within and outside the campus community Stories about renovation, services, accomplishments, impact on users, and open access. Student and faculty testimonials of Libraries experience. Stories from across the libraries regarding collections. Student and faculty testimonials Student interviews and profiles donor profiles and testimonials The qualitative measures of library outcomes and performance that we use in development communications are typically anecdotal stories of student and faculty success. Type of research, collection content, space renovations We include quotes from users regarding new spaces or services, most often in stewardship letters related to renovation fundraising. We often use donor quotes in proposals and editorial stories about major gifts/new endowments. We use “success stories” from faculty and students about use of collections and services. 42. What types of qualitative measures of library outcomes and performance would you use if they were available? N=16 Administration comments or input Connection between library impact and student success Feedback from donors How do the qualities of an event or the content of the invitations affect attendees’ giving? Impact stories In discussion with assessment librarian to determine.
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