30 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Percentage N 65 1 75 2 90 3 95 1 100 3 15. Please indicate whether there is a financial threshold that gifts must meet before the library director participates in any of the following activities. Check all that apply. N=40 Sign letters of correspondence (including electronic communications) 27 68% Presenting proposal 26 65% Closing a gift 25 63% Prospect meetings 24 60% Prospect strategy sessions 23 58% Initiate phone calls to donor prospects 14 35% Other activity 6 15% Please briefly describe the other activity. N=6 Cultivation events, special events Deeds of gift Partnering with curators and librarians about presenting donors with information about securing appraisals for collections we want to receive over $5,000 and protocols around securing the appraisal and tax form signatures from CFO. Stewardship/donor relations activities University foundation events, university foundation board meetings Working with our board of advocates and attending alumni events. Additional comments N=4 Case-by-case Difficult to answer. It’s all generally on a case-by-case basis and sometimes has nothing to do with amount. Some donors (former friends group members) want to hear from the dean, others would rather hear from directors of specific programs. There is no financial threshold that gifts must meet before the library director participates. I engage at every level with gifts from signing letters to meeting with prospective donors, etc. These are evaluated on an individual basis.
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