33 UNIVERSITY’S ROLE IN LIBRARY DEVELOPMENT If your library is not part of an academic institution, please continue to the next screen. 17. Does the provost or chief academic officer actively engage in fundraising for the library (e.g., soliciting gifts)? N=53 Yes 20 38% No 33 62% If yes, please describe their role and the results. N=17 Aids in securing major gifts of over $100,000 and attends visits/stewardship events with high- capacity donors. As needed, depending upon gift nature and provost’s connection to donor. As requested by the dean of libraries. Conducts visits, assists in proposal delivery for high-level alumni/donors. Donors and alumni appreciate the high-level engagement. If strategy indicates that the dean of library is the best person to conduct the solicitation, a strategy is determined and a gift ask scheduled. In her role as provost, she supports the fundraising goals and priorities of all schools, colleges, and units, including the Libraries. It depends on the relationship with the university. Limited to attending donor/special events. Meeting with potential donor. Occasionally meets with major gift prospects for the libraries attends donor stewardship events recommends strategies for certain targets. On a selected basis and with coordination from central development and the library UL and library LDO. Provost is available for cultivation and stewardship. So far very rare. Two examples: staff campaign that featured the libraries, and currently in discussion for potential corporate gift that would cover multiple colleges/units, including libraries. The dean of the library and I call donors regularly to thank them for their recent gifts, and he occasionally accompanies me on visits with donors. The provost engages in fundraising on behalf of the library’s current building project, however the extent of this effort is not known. The provost has been on donor visits with and without the library director. Results have been positive. The provost meets with selected donors at special events and fundraising weekends. At this time, he talks with them about funding priorities throughout his area, including the libraries. Additional comments N=3 Director supports the dean’s outreach (e.g., letters, meetings, etc.) Not actively This provost has been in office for two years no fundraising on behalf of library to date.
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