25 This person is not within the university system, but part of the foundation, which is a non-profit that is associated with the university but a discrete organization. This position is not seen as a library position. I do participate in associate level activities. Totally different HR system, not able to determine. Unit head, not comparable to other unit heads/chairs Additional comments N=3 I serve on the dean’s cabinet with other associate and assistant deans. The chief LDO is a direct report to the dean, similar to associate deans. The LDO reports to development with dotted line to me. In that sense he would be equivalent to an AUL. 9. Please indicate the degrees completed by the chief/most senior LDO. Check all that apply. N=50 BA/BS 40 80% MLIS (or equivalent) 5 10% JD 1 2% EdD 0 PhD 0 Other degree 21 44% Please specify the other degree. N=21 BBA, MBA M Ed MA, currently pursuing PhD MA in anthropology, academic field Master degree in a liberal arts discipline Master of Arts (2 responses) Master of Science, arts administration Master’s degree required, though field of study is not predetermined. I have an MA in Art History. Masters degree in higher education administration MBA (4 responses) MBA, MA journalism MFA MHP, Master of health professions (dual concentrations—health policy and health management) MPA MS, journalism/marketing communications N/A-vacant Non-library employee
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