116 Representative Documents: Development Boards & “Friends” PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Libraries Development Board - Commitment to Penn State’s World Class Library University Libraries Libraries Development Board Mission and Vision Statement The Pennsylvania State University | April 2016 Emeritus Board Members who have served for six years or more but are no longer active board members and who are considered allies and friends of the University Libraries may be designated as Emeritus status by the board’s Executive Committee. As friends and allies of the Libraries, emeriti function as advocates for Library programs without the responsibilities required of active board members. Committees and Task Forces The Executive Committee is the primary standing committee of the board. Additional committees, such as Stewardship, Events, and Membership may also be created at the discretion of the dean, and participation is expected by existing board members but other supporters, depending on their interest, may also be asked to join. These committee members will select a committee chair, and members may be asked to meet outside of regular board meetings as necessary. Committees will be asked to provide progress updates at Library Development Board meetings. Ad hoc task forces with specific short- term tasks may be created by the dean, in consultation with appropriate committee chair(s), and may include participation by staff members, board members and/or outside resources. Meetings Typically, there will be two meetings a year, in the fall and spring, supplemented by conference calls and email updates. There may be special events scheduled as part of the program activities of the board, such as the annual donor reception.
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