26 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses 10. For the chief/most senior LDO, please estimate the percentage of time spent on the following activities. N=50 Annual Giving direct mail, phone-a-thons, web giving typically less than $10,000 Donor Relations stewardship reports, endowment reports, etc. Major Gifts individual meetings and proposals typically more than $10,000 Special Events donor events, galas, book signings, etc. Corporation and Foundation Relations— includes grant writing Friends/Board Management oversight of volunteer structure Staff and Office Management policies, procedures and human resources Other activity any responsibility not listed above Activity Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev N Annual Giving 0 30 9.15 7.50 7.24 48 Donor Relations 0 50 13.81 10.00 10.65 48 Major Gifts 0 90 42.60 50.00 22.79 48 Special Events 0 40 10.06 7.50 8.66 48 Corporation and Foundation Relations 0 20 4.38 5.00 4.94 48 Friends/Board Management 0 30 7.94 5.00 7.81 48 Staff and Office Management 0 30 8.98 8.00 7.28 48 Other activity 3 50 13.67 10.00 15.12 9 If you indicated other activity above, please briefly describe it. N=8 10%: Clerical: entering contact reports, running reports, and mailing letters 5%: Committees for the Foundation, job panels 25%: I am the director of communications. Also, I spend a lot of time attending central development meetings and library senior management meetings—probably 5–10% of my time. 10%: Internal meetings and events 5%: Participation in ALDIN, ALA attendance, some library committees 3%: staffing the dean 50%: The LDO works with another academic unit in addition to the Libraries. 5%: We manage the stewardship of all library donors so some of my time is spent gathering the necessary information for them. Additional comments N=3 I work about 60 hours a week so prorate the percentages. There’s also strategic and other Libraries and advancement planning duties. Since this person is responsible for three large colleges/divisions, I am not able to answer this set of questions. We don’t know the breakdown of her time.
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