59 No, but I’ve tried explaining that in other development programs that under advancement is fundraising, events and outreach, and communications. Communications reports directly to dean. Operations Senior Director of Administrative & Financial Services Team Leader for Planning, Budgets and Assessment The communications unit reports to the dean of libraries. The director of communications and marketing is a direct report to the dean of libraries. The library does not have the benefit of communications professionals at present. They report directly to the dean but work closely with Libraries Development and Advancement as part of the communications and advancement plans. They were recently absorbed into the central communications team. Through the library administrative office To an associate university librarian To the director of our marketing & communications group We do not have a library development office. Our communications professionals report to the university librarian. We meet on a regular basis. The communications manager reports to the AUL for outreach. Additional comments N=2 Director of communications reports to the dean of the libraries. .50 FTE social media specialist reports to the director of communications. We do not have a communications professional for the library so this is not applicable. CAPITAL CAMPAIGN 46. What was the university’s or parent institution’s goal during the most recent or current capital campaign? N=50 Minimum Maximum Mean Median N 75,000,000 6,000,000,000 1,998,333,333 1,500,000,000 45 Comments N=5 Established by the foundation Not publicly disclosed TBD This was not solely a capital campaign. The campaign was centered around the 125th anniversary of the university and funding priorities. We are beginning the first university campaign now.
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