111 SPEC Kit 359: Library Development UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES National Advisory Board Bylaws 4 C. The Advisory Board shall elect from among its membership by a simple majority vote a President and Vice President. The Vice President succeeds the President when the President’s term ends. D. In the event of the death, resignation, or removal of the President or Vice President, the Advisory Board shall elect another person to fill the unexpired term. E. The duties of officers shall be those customary to each office. ARTICLE III Meetings There shall be two meetings per year of the Advisory Board. The times and places for said meetings shall be set by the Advisory Board and/or the Dean of Libraries. ARTICLE IV Attendance A. Advisory Board members are expected to attend at least one regular Advisory Board meeting per year. Any member not complying with this provision of the Bylaws or by not attending two consecutive Advisory Board meetings will be interviewed by the Dean and/or President to determine the member’s continued interest and ability to serve. B. In the event the President and Vice President of the Advisory Board cannot attend a regularly scheduled Board meeting, the person designated as his or her substitute by the President and the Dean shall preside at the meeting with full voting rights. ARTICLE V Fiscal Year and Support A. The fiscal year of the organization shall be the academic fiscal year of the University of Kentucky, July 1 to June 30. B. UK Libraries will provide financial support to cover correspondence, reports, and other materials, conference meeting rooms, refreshments, and programming during Board meetings.
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