50 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses 37. Does your development program engage in activities that you would characterize as “friend raising,” defined as efforts intended to generate committed and supportive relationships with outside parties and entities without a specific fundraising purpose or goal? N=49 Yes 38 78% No 11 22% If yes, please describe the activities. N=30 Annual celebration of university authors (includes alumni authors), dean’s lecture on information & society, author readings & literary events Community-oriented programs/events Coordinating events with the alumni association throughout the year Cultivation events, one-on-one visits Events and exhibits Events to generate “buzz” for the libraries. Events, presentations, lectures, holiday parties Exhibit opening, host for board meetings, collaboration with other units on events Exhibition openings and catalogue mailings, endowed lectures, screenings and panel discussions Friends of the Libraries and Friends of the Panama Canal Museum Collection Friends of the Libraries used to host author events for the university and community. LDO is member of local Rotary for the purpose of friend-raising. We aim to host quarterly socials for Friends of the Libraries for the purposes of friend-raising. Lectures, celebrations (year-long 50th anniversary celebration of our main library), Day of Giving Major and small events, dinners Many programs created and presented within and by the Libraries target the community and people as a form of “friend raising” including parents, grandparents, and extended family members of students as a way of developing potential opportunities from the community and the extend families of students. Offering events that promote collections and collaborations partnerships with faculty and students Open houses and community engagement Our Friends of the Libraries offers many events throughout the year to engage the public. Programs and events at library participation in university-wide events publication of a quarterly magazine targeted toward Friends of the Library members and current or potential library supporters. Public events: lectures, programs, exhibits Reaching out to prospective donors who have expressed interest in donating to the library, not necessarily in the near future but through posthumous gifts, etc. Recruiting possible new members Special events Special events, lectures, and tours Tailgates, food handouts during finals week, meetings between donors and scholarship recipients Thank donors, introduce prospects to libraries, invite to events, share business cards with prospects.
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