60 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses 47. If that campaign has concluded, please indicate the total that was raised. N=24 Minimum Maximum Mean Median N 275,000,000 6,400,000,000 1,928,650,000 1,462,000,000 20 Comments N=4 At least $860 million has been raised in this campaign thus far. Ends June 2020. Has not concluded, but goal has been exceeded. We are about 85% of the way there with two years remaining. 48. What was the library’s overall stated goal during the most recent or current capital campaign? N=43 Minimum Maximum Mean Median N 1,000,000 240,000,000 29,204,651 20,000,000 43 49. How and by whom was the library capital campaign goal established? N=44 Advancement & library dean Advancement and library leadership Associate dean in consultation with the dean Associate university librarian for development By the VP of university advancement By university development, the office of strategic planning, and the office of the budget, in consultation with university executive leadership, informed by the Libraries’ strategic plan and key funding priorities. Central development (2 responses) Dean and LDO Dean of libraries was consulted but the goal was established by the university foundation. Dean of the library and director of development in consultation with the volunteer leadership committee Dean of university libraries & central development Dean, board, director of library development, VP for alumni relations and development all participated. Dean, director-advancement, senior VP advancement Development unit Director of advancement Director of development & executive director Director of development, library Executive director, university advancement Former dean of libraries and libraries development officer
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