46 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses If you selected other activity/central funds above, please briefly describe the activity. N=1 Donor relations If you selected other activity/library funds above, please briefly describe the activity. N=3 Libraries provide the majority of funding for all donor engagement activities, e.g., exhibits, donor cultivation, etc. The Libraries and each unit must provide its own marketing and communications funding. The Libraries provide the director of development salary. Volunteer support, stewardship Additional comment N=1 Records and gift processing are managed and paid centrally. Mail and phone are managed centrally, but the library is charged for the effort. BOARDS, FRIENDS, AND ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SUPPORT 34. Please indicate which of the following groups exist at your institution and which support library development, either financially or through effort/advocacy. Check all that apply. N=51 Group Exists Supports financially Supports through advocacy N Library Development Board 29 27 24 29 Library Friends Group 22 19 11 22 Alumni Association 40 3 14 40 Student Advisory Board 27 0 15 27 Other group 15 6 12 15 Total number of respondents 51 37 40 51 If you selected other group above, please briefly describe the group. N=15 Group exists N=2 Faculty advisory board Library development board is under construction. It will exist, it will support financially, and will support through advocacy. Below answers are planned/projected. Group exists, Supports financially N=1 Our Cabell Associates Board regularly supports the library with gifts to support programming. Group exists, Supports through advocacy N=7 Faculty senate committee on the Libraries Faculty senate library committee Libraries alumni outreach group
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