45 Some of our donor relations activities, such as the mailing of endowment reports to stewardees, is managed centrally. In many cases, I play a role of varying size with each of the items listed above as being managed by central staff. If you selected other activity/library staff above, please briefly describe the activity. N=3 Donor cultivation, personal donor stewardship, and prospect identification Gift stewardship (i.e., making sure funds are spent in accordance with donor intent and reporting to donors about use of funds) is a major ongoing responsibility of the libraries organization, involving the dean, the associate university librarians, numerous collection management and administrative support staff. This is especially the case with the 150+ separate endowment funds stewarded by the libraries. The central development operation also devotes significant time and trouble for gift stewardship on an institution-wide basis. Our external relations team staff members support events and provide some support for development- related communications, such as thank you letters, event bios, etc. Additional comments N=2 Our institution has a centralized annual giving office that manages phone and mail appeals. However, as an office of one, the chief LDO is still responsible for leadership annual gifts ($25K) to the library. Gift and record processing is also managed by the central office. We create a UDEV form with each donation and it accompanies the donation that is processed at central development. We write a thank you letter for each donation from the university librarian the donor relations team issues the tax donation letter. 33. Please indicate whether the institution’s central development operations or the library’s development office provides the more significant amount of funds for each of the following activities. N=52 Activity Central Funds Library Funds N Special events 9 43 52 Major gifts 19 32 51 Direct mail 28 23 51 Prospect research 46 5 51 Development communications 23 28 51 Gift processing 43 7 50 Deferred/planned giving 41 9 50 Corporation/foundation relations 39 11 50 Records processing 47 3 50 Annual giving 25 24 49 Phone-a-thon 39 10 49 Information technology 34 15 49 Other activities 1 3 4 Total number of respondents 51 48 52
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