69 SPEC Kit 359: Library Development UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE LIBRARY University of Delaware Library, Museums, and Press https://library.udel.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/UDLMP12-2017.pdf Vice ProvostforL ibraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian Associate UniversityLibrarian for Budget andCollections Head, CollectionManagement and LicensedElectronic Content Department Head, Acquisitions Department Associate University Librarian for Communications and Planning Deputy UniversityLibrarian and Associate UniversityLibrarian for Public Services and Outreach and Program Director, UDLib/SEARCH Associate Librarian and Assistant Head of I nstructional Services, Reference and instructional Services Department Head, Access Services Interim Head,Referenceand Instructional Services Department Interim Head,Multimedia Collections and Services Department UDLib/SEARCH Program Associate University Librarian for Systems andMetadata Services Head, L ibrarITDepartment y Head,Cataloging Department Director, Special Collections and Museums Manuscripts Librarian and Curator of theJosephR.Biden Jr. Senatorial Papers, Special Collections Department Head, Special Collections Department Chief Curator,Special Collectionsand Museums Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Publishingand Research Director of t he University of Delaware Press Interim Head,Centerf or Digital Collections Associate UniversityLibrarian for HumanResourcesand Organizational Development Director of Library External Relations Director, Library Assessment Dir ector of Strateg ic Init iati v es University of Delaware Library , Museums and Press April 2, 2018 Rev 4 /2/2018
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