42 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Foundation management Other professional staff who help support library fundraising as part of larger or related assignments are evaluated by their supervisors within the university’s alumni relations and development operation. The administrative assistant II is over all of the admin assistants, so they have some part in the evaluation process of my development assistant. We’re in the process of hiring a development services coordinator who will report to the LDO. LIBRARY COORDINATION WITH THE INSTITUTION’S DEVELOPMENT OFFICE 26. Is the library positioned and supported comparably to other units/schools/colleges in the institution in terms of fundraising opportunities? N=53 Yes 22 42% No 31 59% If no, please explain. N=26 Academic units and other priorities in the campaign receive greater support. All of the other deans have assigned development teams except continuing education, which is on a different funding model. But, we are working on that. We have a major renovation scheduled in the next few years, which will create some opportunities. The library hasn’t been a top priority in the past mainly because it wasn’t the “squeaky wheel.” Now we are the “squeaky wheel.” Colleges get more self-identified donors. Each of the colleges has an embedded academic advancement officer. While they report to central development administratively, they work closely with the dean and other leadership in their college to address college funding priorities. The libraries do not have an embedded academic advancement officer, but rather a development liaison from central development, with a limited percentage of time available for library activities. I have no benchmarking study that would enable me to answer this question with any authority. Anecdotally (conversations with other library development staff through self-initiated contact or ALADN), it is not. Libraries are new to development as being its own unit. It used to be considered a part of the college of arts and sciences. In addition, we are not considered as part of the principal gift strategies. This is because we are still developing our fundraising priorities. Library is assigned very few highly rated prospects and doesn’t have access to them yet is assessed on “major gift productivity.” No natural constituency, so the library has to work collaboratively with colleagues to find prospects. Only 20% assignment. All others are 100%. Testing a new model with the senior DO embedded in the foundation and the DO embedded in the libraries. Previously it was comparable. The Libraries are not seen as a priority within the current campaign by the current administration. The Libraries do not have an alumni base similar to other schools, colleges, and units and do not have access to their donors and prospects.
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