16 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses gift discussion with another unit on campus. Even then, I can ask to work with that unit to include the library in the ask if it makes sense. The university has an open cultivation policy where the library works collaboratively with other fundraisers. Special permission is needed for principal gift donors (20 prospects). There are many friends to the university particularly in Libraries with non-alumni donors supporting collections of interest. Those people or groups associated with the Libraries by a specific personal interest or engagement in a unique or special collecting area or interest such as Pan Am 103 who either self identify or respond to inquires to communications from these areas. We are starting to track students who worked in the library during their undergraduate years and are now alumni, starting five years ago. We do periodic acquisition mailings using shared or purchased lists (memberships, subscribers, etc.) Additional comments N=3 Library personnel do not have access to any of the listed group for solicitation of gifts. Those solicitations come from the central development office. Only the OA officer is supposed to contact our donors directly. The library only works through the university’s foundation and does not work independently to raise funds, unless a donor approaches the library directly, in which case they would connected to the foundation for finalizing and establishing the donation. If you selected other potential donor group/limited/special projects above, please briefly describe the group. N=10 Community leaders & principal gift prospects—all depends on whether these individuals are already assigned to gift officers. Corporations and foundations—need to work within confines of greater University Advancement structure. Community organizations in the Greater Philadelphia Area, including peer library and cultural institutions Corporations, foundations Event attendees: Individuals who RSVP to library engagement events on or off campus. In-kind donors: list of people who donate in-kind books to the Libraries book sales. Foundations, corporations Friends of the Library, people who give the library gifts-in-kind, but are not associated with the university. Friends of the Library prospects discovered by interests for certain projects It’s somewhat difficult to answer these questions. I generally have to go through research to get names and it’s possible anyone (non-donors, non-donors to library, current donors, current donors to library, alumni, etc.) could be assigned to another development officer, in which case I have to contact the other DO in advance. Local community members, other librarians in the state University foundation prospect management system helps drive solicitation access.
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