48 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Number Position Titles Roles on Board 9 Board of Visitors Chair and members Guide the advisory structure for the libraries, serve as ambassadors and positive representatives of the libraries, assist in securing private funding resources, contribute to the libraries through annual gifts of $1,000 or more, familiarize with the library public programming, projects, and student activities. 10 Board of Visitors member Currently being re-evaluated to be more of a fundraising board. 11 Chairperson and members of the board Advocacy, philanthropic, professional expertise, and contact into Board of Trustees 12 Dean’s Development Council Member Support library through philanthropy, expertise, and advocacy 13 NA Members 13 Advancement Council Member 1 chair, the rest are members 14 Member Insight, advocacy, support 15 Dean’s Advisory Council member. The lead volunteer is Chair. Theoretically, to give $1,000 to Dean’s Excellence Fund and to advocate for the Libraries in various ways. 15 Chair, Vice chair, member Give, advocate 19 President, Vice President To advocate and support the Libraries 21 President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, all others are members Fundraising, advocacy, networking 24 External board comprised of alumni with various career paths Advisory 24 President and board members Volunteer, advocate, financially support & promote the Libraries 24 President Assist with raising funds and friends and advocating for the libraries. 27 Chair, Vice Chair (2), Members Communicate campaign goals, library objectives to alumni, friends, corporations, foundations. Make significant gift of $100,000 or more. Assist in cultivation, stewardship, identification of prospects, provide guidance/ leadership to development staff. 28 Libraries Advisory Board Members Advocacy, fundraising, annual contributions, campaign giving 28 Chair and members Advising the dean, advocating for the libraries on the institutional level and philanthropic giving 28 Chair, Vice Chair, Membership Chair, Social Chair 29 Advocates Varies 32 Chair, Vice Chair, Committee Chair, Committee Vice Chair, Member Suggesting ways to raise the Libraries’ profile among the university’s constituencies, identifying and securing financial resources, and bringing together the interests and expertise of a wide variety of supporters.
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