28 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses LDO, dean of libraries, academic affairs LDO, chief librarian, and university advancement LDO, dean of libraries, VP of development, director of library development Library development director, university librarian, and central development Library director and development Library director of development and university librarian signs off. Supervisor in institutional advancement SVP development, DOD, dean of libraries The library and office of advancement There are no established goals since I have been in the position. It is assumed that the university librarian will seek out and pursue fundraising but there is no goal or cap put on it. There are a lot of restrictions on fundraising at our institution. University advancement in collaboration with the dean of libraries University central development University foundation University librarian + management team + provost University relations (central development) Vice provost VP for advancement 12. Please enter the minimum amount for a major gift. Enter a whole number without a currency symbol. N=48 Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev 10,000 250,000 51,723 25,000 45,762 Amount N 10,000 7 11,000 1 25,000 18 50,000 7 100,000 13 250,000 1 Comments N=3 Currently $25,000, soon to be $100,000. For the university: $25,000 for Libraries more like $5K or $10K. This varies depending on what is associated with the major gift, such as naming opportunities, etc.
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