47 Library advisory committee: a faculty senate committee made up primarily of faculty. Library ambassadors: student group that volunteers to assist with library events/programs. Library faculty advisory board The university library committee is a group of mostly faculty, but some students, that meets several times a year to advise the dean. The hope is that members will also help by spreading positive information throughout campus. Group exists, Supports financially and through advocacy N=4 History board Librarian emeriti Special collections advisory board We have a library advisory council that I consider to be different than a library development board. Additional comments N=3 Development board is called “Dean’s Advisory Council,” which is made up of community volunteers. We are working to grow a culture of giving within this group, but it’s not there yet. The affinity of the group isn’t in a great place either, as the former development office allowed the chair to unilaterally assemble the group using his personal network. They have affinity for the chair and not necessarily the Libraries. In the future, the dean will be solely responsible for adding members. Our library administrative group meets with the leaders of the associated students (undergrads) and graduate students group annually. The library also implements and publishes an annual survey. The first two groups do not exist and the other two do, but are not directly connected to fundraising for the library. 35. If there is a library development board, please indicate the number of members, their position titles, and their roles. N=31 Number Position Titles Roles on Board 1 Libraries Advisory Council, Member Volunteer leadership, fundraising, friend raising, and advocacy 5 No titles specifically Prospecting, awareness, connections 6 Committee Chair, Member Advocacy, fundraising, contributors 7 Library Volunteer Leadership Committee One chair plus six members 8 Advancement Board Member Advocacy, donor, assist with fundraising, collaboration 9 Dean’s Cabinet Member Advocate for a specified area within Archives and Special Collections through events that focus on each area of interest for the purpose of widening the number of individuals who support the Libraries. Members also make a major gift.
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