39 Evaluation criteria are determined by the foundation. Little is evaluated other than dollars raised, visits, and proposals presented. No LDO employed or evaluated by Libraries. Submitted proposals and substantial donor contacts (e.g., donor visits) are strong indicators of success. There is no LDO in the library the UL is involved directly with donors. 22. For each measure below please indicate whether it is Not Important, Important, or Very Important for evaluating the performance of the library director. Select NA if the measure is not used to evaluate their performance. Make one selection per row. N=53 Measure Not Important Important Very Important NA N Dollars raised 4 24 16 9 53 Overall dollar goal 8 20 14 11 53 Number of gift closures 15 11 8 18 52 Number of visits 17 15 6 14 52 Number of qualified donors 14 15 5 17 51 Number of asks/proposals 20 13 4 15 52 Assisting other units 19 11 3 18 51 Visits per month (or other period) 20 14 2 16 52 Moves per month (or other period) 24 6 1 21 52 Number of moves 22 8 1 21 52 Joint proposals 22 10 1 18 51 Pipeline reports 25 7 0 19 51 Other criteria 2 0 5 14 21 Total number of respondents 31 41 24 25 53 If you indicated above that other criteria are important or very important, please briefly describe the criteria. N=5 3- and 5-year averages, Capital Campaign performance Creating a culture of philanthropy Strategic leadership to position the Libraries for sustainable fundraising. Aligning fundraising with Libraries highest priorities. Nurturing/mentoring her subordinates (i.e., retreats, skill-building, etc.) The types of targets/initiatives used to attract fundraising dollars are almost as important as the actual money. For example, how do library targets help advance university strategic goals (through collections or buildings or endowed librarian positions, etc.) The university librarian has an opportunity to build support across campus, with other deans and the office of research. Additional comments N=5 “Engagement activities” described as events whether internal to the library or external to other parts of the organization. Fundraising is an implicit responsibility of the Libraries dean. No formal numerical metrics are in place to evaluate dean’s performance, as potential for Libraries fundraising success is yet to be determined.
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