12 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses in the fundraising process. Since many academic libraries are either currently or soon will be engaged in a capital campaign or the renovation of an old or construction of a new library, the survey also examines the complexities of these common endeavors. BACKGROUND 1. Please indicate which of the following components are a part of your library’s development program. Check all that apply. N=59 Fundraising professional(s) assigned to raise money for the library 55 93% Direct mail on behalf of the library’s fundraising priorities 53 90% Printed giving materials 51 86% A history of private support in excess of $500,000 per year 42 71% Phone-a-thon on behalf of the library’s fundraising priorities 37 63% A library development board 34 58% A friends of the library organization 30 51% Other component 23 39% Please briefly describe the other component. N=23 1-on-1 solicitations, communications department, electronic materials 1:1 communication/relationship building, events, visits/meals All of the fundraising activity for the Libraries is coordinated by the university’s central development office. This includes fundraising professionals who raise money for the Libraries, in addition to other campus priorities. It also includes creation and distribution of printed giving materials, selection, and management of our library development board, and collection and management of the gifts and pledges for the Libraries. Also integrated with university museum’s development. Central university-wide annual giving, gift planning. An active stewardship program that is a partnership between the library and the university’s office of advancement, which is ultimately responsible for all university fundraising. Annual fundraising event and smaller themed cultivation events Assist with fundraising for other groups that fall under the library’s umbrella, such as our Geo-Spatial Centroid and our Information Science & Technology Center (ISTeC). Bi-annual newsletter, thank-you week by students, retiree engagement events, annual giving program events Considered a “friends of the library” is our Libraries Alumni Outreach Group (LAOG), which is comprised of a group of interested and committed alumni who share a passion for the Libraries and the furthering of our mission. The group meets annually to strategize and advise on issues including: honing our social media presence, networking with alumni, crafting appropriate messaging to potential donors, and identifying and cultivating pipeline prospects. Other fundraising initiatives are: crowd funding, online wish, and university match. Email solicitations, stewardship letters, collections calendar, annual report Events around fundraising and stewardship
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