62 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses University’s campaign progress to date includes gifts in kind, but LDO’s performance is assessed only on financial results. We want to increase monetary giving through pledges, outright gifts, and matching gifts while reducing the percentage of giving that is made by non-monetary giving. Additional comment N=1 There was an estimate of $2 million in planned gifts. That goal has been exceeded. 51. Was there a goal that excluded gifts-in-kind? N=49 Yes 5 10% No 44 90% If yes, what was that “cash” goal? N=4 $10 million $25 million $65 million The $6,000,000 is our stated goal for the campaign and it is all for the purposes described above. However, the university counts and reports all gifts to the library (including in-kind donations) in our campaign total. Additional comments N=3 But when we received a $5 million gift-in-kind, dean requested a $5 million increase in the Libraries goal. For section below, totals: The university includes in-kind with a category called “gifts, grants, and pledges.” Thus my in-kind total is a conservative estimate based on a single, large gift I’m aware of (there are likely more I don’t know about). Where is the category for revocable gifts? The pledges box reflects our REVOCABLE total (I can’t use that category for pledges as the university includes pledges in the first total). We are counting GIK values into the goal over $5000. 52. If the library’s capital campaign has concluded, please indicate the totals that were raised. N=16 Category Minimum Maximum Mean Median N Gifts, pledge payments, and matching gifts 1,635,000 47,642,496 15,389,887 6,900,000 5 Pledges 3,000,000 50,000,000 27,189,338 27,878,676 4 Gifts in kind 865,000 49,000,000 14,945,983 4,959,466 4 Total 2,771,940 77,000,000 23,676,522 10,000,000 13 Comments on Gifts, pledge payments, and matching gifts N=3 Close to $50 million at this point Not concluded but have exceeded $28 million at this time. Not concluded currently at $20 million
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