109 SPEC Kit 359: Library Development UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES National Advisory Board Constitution 2 ARTICLE III Governing Body A. Advisory Board The Dean of Libraries shall identify eligible individuals to serve as members of the Advisory Board to plan, direct, and carry out the purposes of the organization. B. Standards for Selection 1. Board membership should: (a) represent a broad selection of alumni and friends (b) include professions which play a role in the economy of Kentucky and the nation and (c) include wide representation of academic disciplines and interests. Membership should also represent cultural, ethnic, gender, and age diversity. 2. Candidates should bring to the Advisory Board a combination of commitment and personal influence, special skills, contacts, and the willingness to work for the promotion of UK Libraries. ARTICLE IV Amendments The Constitution and the Bylaws can be amended at any semi-annual meeting of the organization or electronically by email between those meetings with a simple majority of the members voting in favor of the amendments with these provisions: The notice of the amendment must be circulated at least fifteen days prior to the meeting or the email vote. Proposed amendments circulated prior to semi-annual meetings will be voted on only by those members present at the meeting with no votes by email.
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