110 Representative Documents: Development Boards & “Friends” UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES National Advisory Board Bylaws 3 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD BYLAWS ARTICLE I Members A. Advisory Board Members Candidates for membership must be interested in the University of Kentucky Libraries (UK Libraries). Candidates need not be an alumnus of the University. Every effort will be made to ensure representation of all segments of society. Each Advisory Board member shall have full and equal voting rights. B. Number and Term The number of members of the Advisory Board shall be set by the Advisory Board and the Dean, achieving and maintaining a membership of at least 30 members. Individuals serving on the Advisory Board shall normally serve a term of four years at the end of which time their service may be extended for an additional four-year term. Individuals serving on the Advisory Board at the time of the adoption of these amended and restated Bylaws shall be considered in their first term, with an option to renew their service for an additional term. C. Emeriti Members Following completion of two full terms in service on the UK Libraries National Advisory Board, members deemed by the Advisory Board and the Dean of Libraries as having made a significant impact during their tenure may qualify for emeriti status. These members will be encouraged to attend future meetings of the Advisory Board and will receive all mailings and materials sent to other Board members. They will not be voting members. ARTICLE II Officers and Their Election A. The officers of the Advisory Board shall be a President, a Vice President, and an Executive Secretary. The Director of Philanthropy for UK Libraries shall serve as Executive Secretary. B. The term of office of the President and Vice President shall be for two years. Terms for any other offices including committee chairs shall be for one year and will be chosen by the officers of the Advisory Board. Terms shall begin on the date of election and shall continue until a successor is selected.
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