100 Representative Documents: Goal Setting LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES LSU Libraries Strategic Plan 2017–2022 | From the Dean It is impossible to imagine a great university without a great library to support it. I am proud to present The Next LSU Libraries: Strategic Plan, 2017 to 2022, our collective vision as to what a great research library should be and do. You are sure to find that this vision describes a decidedly different Libraries: the repository of days gone by now replaced by a dynamic, catalytic organization that leverages expert staff and technologies to expand its impact on teaching and research in ways that simply weren’t possible before. We have grouped this vision into six strategic goals: collections, learning, diversity, facilities, service excellence, and philanthropy. Each goal is accompanied by a list of strategies that we will pursue, together with the expected outcomes for each. These goals and their attendant strategies are ambitious, even aspirational, but given the commitment of our staff and the support of our campus, every one is attainable. It is impossible to overstate the sense of urgency we bring to these tasks: nearly every page of LSU’s Strategic Plan 2025 contains initiatives that require exceptional library collections, services, and facilities, and we are aware that some of these currently exist only in embryonic form. Make no mistake though: the thought of meeting such challenges is energizing, not daunting: there has never been a better time to do the work of a 21st century research library. A great library is always the result of a culture of shared stewardship: smart, hard working people throughout the university and beyond, passing their love for the library on to the next generation. We hope that in reading The Next LSU Libraries, you’ll come to see yourself in the brilliant future it describes. Our philanthropic goals, outlined in some detail at the end of this document, are only one point of entry. At LSU, the sanctity of the scholarly record and our collective responsibility to learn and contribute to it will require all of our best efforts. Sincerely, Stanley Wilder From the Dean
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