24 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses A different fundraising position within this library 1 2% Other position 5 10% Please briefly describe the other position. N=5 Director of advancement communication for university (alumni magazine) Director of marketing & event management at another higher education institution Foundation employee, not familiar with her prior experience. Not known Senior program officer, Philadelphia Foundation Additional comments N=4 Answered Another fundraising position in higher education N=3 A professional position in current university’s development program Associate dean for external affairs - school of public health and school of arts and sciences Director of annual giving for school of nursing Answered Another fundraising position not in higher education N=1 Served as executive director of not-for-profit performing arts center, executive director of not-for-profit ballet company, and co-artistic director of not-for-profit ballet company. 8. Is the chief/most senior LDO at the same organizational level within the library as an associate university librarian/associate director, or as department chairs and other unit heads, or at another level? N=50 Same level as department heads 23 46% Same level as AUL 15 30% Other level 12 24% Please briefly explain the other level. N=12 Different reporting units Direct report to the dean, but is not part of the routine library operations or has any direct reports. Director of development level at university foundation I have no reporting lines to the librarian, therefore I carry a development title only and would fall just below an associate dean or executive director of another area of campus. Non-library employee Same level as frontline fundraisers in academic faculties at the university. The director of development for the libraries position, which is administratively part of central development operation, is not directly comparable to either library department heads or AULs within the libraries organization. The position does not reside with the library, but separately within the university’s office of advancement.
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