63 GIFTS IN KIND (GIK) 53. For GiK donations, do you have an established practice or policy requiring development officers to explicitly request, encourage, or require cash gift(s) for processing or other costs? N=51 Yes, request/encourage 34 67% Yes, require 1 2% No 16 31% 54. Over the last five years, on average what percentage of annual giving is from GiK? Enter a whole number without a % sign. N=44 Minimum Maximum Mean Median N 1% 85% 30.32% 25% 37 Comments N=7 Don’t know—can’t separate from total I don’t know the answer to this, but I am working with Special Collections to create more transparency in terms of rare book donations and manuscript donations. We are working to establish a policy and formal communication plan. Information is not specifically tracked. Minimal Unknown—GIK donations not often appraised or included in fundraising metrics. Very small sometimes appraised estate gifts We don’t have a good valuation process, so cannot answer. BUILDING PROJECTS 55. Has your library recently concluded or is it in the planning phase of a new building or major renovation? N=52 Yes 40 77% No 12 23% If yes, is the project part of a capital campaign? N=40 Yes 15 38% No 14 35% Not yet, but it will be 11 28% 56. What is the expected final cost of the project and what is the percentage of total cost for which the library is responsible? For the percentage, enter a whole number without a % sign. N=31 Cost Minimum Maximum Mean Median N Final cost 1,000,000 200,000,000 52,962,903 38,000,000 31 Library % 3 100 66.5 85 20
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