51 We are constantly building the network to hopefully connect with those that can connect us with financial support. Additionally, we aim to connect our friends with new projects that may lead to their financial support. We have an annual dinner and regular other events like faculty lectures. We have recently revamped our Friends of the Library program and there are a number of events being held to attract the interest of community members. We plan a fall and spring meeting for our development board, send letters of appreciation for every gift received by the libraries (in addition to the tax acknowledgment letter sent by the university), and send Christmas cards to library endowment donors and other significant benefactors. Additional comment N=1 Note that the board does sponsor lectures and other activities that are open to the larger community and that have the effect of raising general awareness and positive community feeling about the library. However, that is not the purpose or goal of the board’s participation. DONOR COMMUNICATIONS Donor communications include print or electronic communications and or solicitations that may include library stories, statistics, and other measures used to convey library value/success. 38. Please indicate which types of communications with potential donors are distributed in print and which are distributed electronically. Check all that apply. N=53 Communication Type Print Electronic N Solicitation letters 47 35 50 Stewardship letters 50 21 50 Informal communication (i.e., birthday cards) 42 20 45 Newsletters 27 37 42 Magazines 28 15 31 Other donor communication 20 20 23 Total number of respondents 53 49 53 If you selected other donor communication/print above, please briefly describe it. N=19 Annual report Annual report and web news item Annual report, holiday card, calendar, special event invitations, periodic updates, library public programming brochure Annual reports Collateral handouts both in print and electronic formats Created a donor book based on an Instagram series of photographs called People of Ekstrom Library. The original series included photos of students and libraries’ personnel along with short statements about the subject’s relationship to the library. The book focuses on students from all the libraries.
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