32 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Prospect meetings N=3 Depends on donor. Generally doesn’t occur. Varies by project at the request of or working with the foundation. Other activity N=1 Deed of gift 16. Does the library director participate in fundraising calls without the presence of the chief/most senior LDO or other fundraising staff members? N=54 Yes 39 72% No 15 28% Comments N=12 Answered Yes N=8 Above figures are approximations, not rules. It is hard to separate formal fundraising from “earlier” steps of outreach. During acknowledgment of gift calls, calls with development board members, assigned donor prospects for whom we have developed strategies, as part of major donor stewardship and cultivation per developed strategies. Not often, but sometimes donors want to meet with the UL only and I will meet with donors independent of the foundation development officer, but inform the donor that eventually the foundation has to become involved as they managed those monies. On occasion Sometimes. If the donor has a relationship with the dean he/she will contact the dean and then the donor/prospective donor is referred to DOD. These calls are for cultivation purposes rather than direct asks. This is rare, but only when the dean has the best relationship with donor/prospect and they have shown a preference. We have a donor who is a celebrity and has the relationship with the dean. There are other rare instances like this, but for the most part the LDO makes the call. Answered No N=4 He may meet to build the relationship but does not make an ask with the fundraiser present to work out the details. I am a one-man operation, so I do it all. Sometimes these are made via phone but the preference is to meet with the donors face-to-face and ask for major gifts together—UL and library LDO. Stewardship meetings yes, but not fundraising calls.
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