34 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses 18. Does the university president actively engage in fundraising for the library (e.g., soliciting gifts)? N=53 Yes 25 47% No 28 53% If yes, please describe their role and the results. N=21 Again rare. President has visited high-level donor as a stewardship visit and would meet with prospects at the half million level. Ambassador, cultivation, prospect identification, and stewardship As needed, depending upon gift nature and president’s connection to donor. Attending donor/special events and contributed cost share funding for major NEH grant. Chancellor is active in all principal gift conversations and lends his involvement to asks at the major gift level as well. This includes gifts for the Libraries at the principal and major gift levels. The chancellor includes the Libraries in his consideration for gifts to the institution. Conducts visits, special events, stewardship, correspondence, telephone calls. Donors and alumni appreciate the high-level engagement. Depending on other priorities, the president may engage in fundraising as requested by the dean of libraries. For large gifts the president will occasionally assist in cultivation and recognition—rare, but important and helpful. Has identified potential library donors for which the library would follow up. In his role as president, he supports the fundraising goals and priorities of all schools, colleges, and units, including the Libraries. Large donors (1M+) and acknowledgment letters for gifts over $100,000 or trustee gifts Meets with highly rated prospects/donors only. Occasionally routes an undesignated gift to the libraries occasionally meets with major gift prospects for the libraries, IF it is high profile target (e.g., building project) and a very high-capacity donor. On a limited basis and coordinated via central development and the UL. Once, and in a cultivation capacity rather than solicitation. Only at the highest levels. Has addressed our advisory board. Rarely. Recently worked with the president on gift-in-kind collection. The president has met with donors at the request of the chief LDO in concert with the dean of libraries and the office of philanthropy. This is a rarity, but it does happen with gifts of substantial size. The president often calls on and meets with our major donors. The president works with the institute’s development team to solicit gifts for the library’s current construction project. The provost meets with selected donors at special events and fundraising weekends. At this time, he talks with them about funding priorities throughout the university, including the libraries.
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