35 Additional comments N=3 Not specifically Very limited Willing, but has not actually done so to date. 19. Are college deans or other college administrators actively supportive of fundraising for the library? N=53 Yes 24 45% No 29 55% If yes, please describe their role and the results. N=19 As needed, depending upon nature of gift to campus unit that they oversee. Certain deans have, in the past, been supportive of specific gifts being discussed for the libraries. Cultivation and stewardship If the gift also benefits their units. Limited to attending donor/special events. Many support the libraries themselves. Not all, but arts & sciences dean has been supportive of collaborative gifts. Primarily in a peripheral way Schools/colleges/units are partners in gifts involving the Libraries where there is an active partnership between the Libraries and the school/college/unit. Dean of libraries actively seeks partnerships that benefit both college or school and Libraries. Several deans visit, take tours, and/or make gifts to the Libraries. Some deans will refer donors to the library, or collaborate with library director. Sometimes for joint initiatives related to endowed faculty chairs or specialized library spaces (e.g., student research support). Supportive “of” the Libraries not supportive “for” the Libraries. Although recent participation of deans, alumni association, university press, and graduate school in our fundraising event, this is not sustained throughout the year. Supportive, yes The development officer frequently brings in other people because they always seem to find success with providing them another connection to the university. The libraries have received many gifts that have been from donors who give to multiple areas, and many faculty give to the libraries. Some deans are more verbally supportive than others. But some have helped us get collections important to their faculty and students. Vice president for alumni and development oversees all development departments on campus and meets with high-level donors. Visits donors with and on behalf of the director of development. Writes stewardship letters, provides input as to areas of need and expertise. Participation has made a great impact on proposals awarded, cultivation, and stewardship. Donors and alumni appreciate the personal.
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