66 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
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Other method(s)
Formal interviews with
Focus groups
Field observa?ons
Gate counts
Informal feedback
Overall purpose
Instruc?onal ac?vi?es
If you selected “Other method(s)” above, please briefly describe the method(s). N=16
A photo-voice study of students is currently being conducted to assess overall purpose.
Benchmark to select new furniture in some learning spaces
Class evaluations of user instruction
Ethnographic research
Formal learning assessments
Graduate and undergraduate advisory groups Active Learning Classrooms: in-class observations, faculty &student
surveys, faculty focus groups
Hourly seating counts, LibQUAL+, ID swipes to begin in fall 2014.
Ideal Space Design exercise where students drew what their ideal learning space would look like. Photo diary exercise
where students responded to questions about their learning habits and spaces with photos. Informal flash interviews
with students about particular topics, and usability testing with new technology and software.
Information Desk statistics, online surveys
Library West Assessment Team set up rolling wipe boards throughout the building asking students to write down
opinions and suggestions on the space usage.
Student Advisory Board
Students have also designed observational studies as part of course work and have worked with the library on
those assignments.
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