SPEC Kit 342: Next-Gen Learning Spaces · 63
21. Has your library collaborated with any campus/parent institution departments or external
organizations to develop/provide any other services in library learning spaces? N=60
Yes 36 60%
No 24 40%
If yes, please identify the specific collaborator and briefly explain the type of service that was
developed/provided. N=30
Other campus/parent institution department N=28
Associated Students: supplies vending in library
John Crerar Library: biannual research symposium
Blackboard support
Campus writing program: on-call research assistance during writing consultation sessions
Center for Teaching and Learning: training for creating media rich assignments
Center for the Enhancement of Teaching &Learning: Graduate Communication Center
Department of Art: thesis defenses, faculty interviews using Skype
DesignLab: a “writing center” for digital media is a cross-campus/department collaboration.
English and Engineering departments
Film lectures, speakers series, etc.
Husky Tech to perform technology help on student devices
Information Technology: share Info Desk, formerly staffed only by librarians and library staff
Instructional Teaching Services (ITS) provided space for presentations.
IT help center and writing program tutors brought into library.
Library West collaborated with Campus IT to pilot an after hours IT Help Desk.
Mentoring Center: tutoring.
Office for Disability Services: created a shared position to make resources accessible for patrons with disabilities.
Office of General Counsel, scholarly communications services: OA training and contract review
Office of undergraduate research: student poster presentations
School of Design &Engineering: Design Help Desk in Research Commons Writing Center
School of Education and College of Arts and Sciences: TRIO-Upward Bound and Computer Art Studio
Science Media Lab (Nerd Herd): provides multimedia instruction/support in New Media Centre.
Student Advising, Statistics Consulting, Physics Tutoring, Reading Writing Center
Teaching and Learning Services: MyResearch
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