SPEC Kit 342: Next-Gen Learning Spaces · 179
Space Requirements for Mann Library (excerpts)
machine for supplies as well), self-­‐serve coffee and the ability to microwave and get napkins in
the lobby.
Interesting “blue sky” ideas -­‐ Students have asked for glass or “writeable” walls, chalkboards, a
king size bed near a waterfall, wood floors, large rugs, lecture spaces, central classrooms and/or a
classroom with auditorium style seating, a gaming lab, a 3rd floor reading room, fireplace, or a fish
tank wall. From a quick preliminary analysis of the drawings and interview notes, we got a
dizzying variety of excellent suggestions (e.g. huge group room with moveable dividers/partitions,
glass-­‐walled teleconference rooms with projectors/LCD screens, open collaborative spaces with
an iPad library and tables with inset tablet computers).
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