20 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Shared workshop/classroom space with university IT’s Academic Technology department
Spaces with special equipment and software for persons with disabilities
Steelcase LearnLabs
Technology Sandbox. Creativity Studio: movable walls, exhibition space. Video Seminar Room: six-person telepresence,
video conferencing. Usability Lab
TILE (Transform, Interact, Learning, Engage) active learning classroom, graduate student study room with
assigned lockers
We have a Learning Commons that is meant for use by all faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students depending on
what they need the space for or what they intend to do. We do not limit learning spaces by status or discipline.
We have a “Scholarly Commons” that primarily targets faculty and graduate students but is not restricted to them. Our
separate Undergraduate Library is conceived as a learning commons. We have a number of branch subject libraries,
many located physically within academic departments and thus primarily serving particular disciplines, but by policy
open to all users and not “restricted.”
We have a space available for short-term projects (5–8 weeks) by faculty, especially designed for rapid prototyping.
Some of the spaces described above are utilized or reserved for Digital Humanities research or teaching at certain times.
Also, we are building an incubator/accelerator space within the Management Library. This will be for projects whose
teams are greenlighted to work in the space for set periods of time. We are contemplating a bigger undergraduate
collaboration space, which would be open space with some technology enhancements.
We have a Skype room, commuter lounge, Math Emporium, Writing Commons, and math and science tutoring spaces.
Writing Center, Communications Lab, Port Research Commons, Graduate Study Lounge
2. How many square feet in your library are devoted to dedicated learning space(s), and what
percentage is that of your total library square footage? Please enter whole numbers without “ft”
or a %sign. An estimate is acceptable. N=50
Square feet of learning space N=48
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
150 483,888 88,531 67,000 85,281
Square Feet Responses
10,000 2
10,000–25,000 6
25,999–50,000 10
50,999–75,000 9
75,999-100,000 7
100,999–125,000 6
125,999–150,000 2
150,999–175,000 0
175,999–200,000 3
200,000 3
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