164 · Representative Documents: Staffing
Bass Family Teaching and Learning Fellow
1-2 years’ experience in course design or teaching at the college level. Demonstrated
ability to apply knowledge about faculty learning objectives, course content, and overall
teaching goals to assess and improve collaborative learning services.
Experience working with a wide range of educational technologies in both face-to-face
and online learning. Ability to prepare materials for online teaching, which could
include experience with graphics software applications, html coding, and managing
interoperability issues among technologies for effective integration into Learning
Management Systems.
Experience in developing, managing, promoting and evaluating instructional programs.
Experience working with faculty, educational technology providers, administrators, IT
professionals and colleagues in successful team efforts that involve project planning,
implementation teams, assessment, and reporting.
Competencies in the area of assessment, including formative and learning outcomes
Preferred skills:
Experience with discipline-based instructional design projects at the curricular level.
Experience in developing and supporting learning communities.
Familiarity with participatory design, learning analytics, research on assessment of
student learning.
Graphic design skills and familiarity with graphic design software applications.
Knowledge of best practices in training, and experience in designing and improving
training workshops.
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