180 · Representative Documents: Planning and Assessment
Science Cafe -Evaluation
Science Café-­‐ Evaluation
1. Is this your first Science Café in this Library? (circle one) yes no
2. How did you hear about this event? (circle all that apply)
Professor or faculty member Friend Family Member
Email Webpage Twitter
Facebook Flyer/poster Radio
Large outdoor sign Previous Science Café Community newspaper
Campus newspaper Other: (please list) _______________________________
3. Rate how engaging you found the program, with 5 being the most engaging. (circle one)
1-­‐ definitely not engaging 2-­‐ not engaging 3-­‐ undecided 4-­‐ engaging 5-­‐ definitely engaging
4. Rate how likely you would be to recommend Science Café to a friend, with 5 being the most likely to recommend.
(circle one)
1-­‐ definitely not recommend 2-­‐ not recommend 3-­‐ undecided 4-­‐ yes, recommend 5-­‐ yes, definitely recommend
5. Suggestions for improvement:
6. Suggestions for future speakers and/or topics:
7. Tell us about yourself: (circle one)
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Grad Student Faculty Staff Other (please list): __________
8. What is your major? _________________________________________________________________
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