SPEC Kit 342: Next-Gen Learning Spaces · 157
Multimedia Instruction Coordinator
2. (20%)
Instructional Coordination and Design
Using instructional technology best practices, instructs, guides and collaborates with faculty,
librarians, staff and students in the design, development, implementation and delivery of
effective, scalable, pedagogically-sound tools, strategies and innovative, technological solutions
that address core information and digital media literacy outcomes. Works collaboratively with
other campus units, including the Center for New Designs in Learning &Scholarship (CNDLS)
and University Information Services (UIS) to support and expand instructional technology
projects and initiatives.
Coordinates, delegates and helps to design the multimedia and emerging technology
instruction (multimedia workshops, consultation requests, the development of guides and
learning objects) delivered by the GNMC staff to improve the digital literacy skills of Georgetown
students, faculty and staff.
Monitors and assesses the effectiveness of GNMC instructional services with a focus on
student learning to determine whether desired learning and performance outcomes are
achieved. Provides constructive feedback to GNMC Multimedia instructors on their presentation
skills and the content of their instruction.
Organizes and recommends training opportunities for the professional development of the
Center’s staff in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the University community.
3. (15%)
Multimedia creation and design
Works in collaboration with the New Media Center's Production Services Coordinator to provide
graphic, video and audio production and digitization services for the Library and University
Participates in the design and maintenance of the Library/GNMC Web presence, Digital
Commons and Digital Georgetown.
Designs and creates materials to market GNMC and Library collections, services and space.
4. (15%)
Departmental Services and User Support
Communicates and enforces library policies and procedures to faculty, students, staff, and
other library users refers patrons to other Library departments when necessary.
Responsible for opening or closing the Center as scheduled to secure library materials and
University property and supervises the Center during staffing emergencies to ensure that the
library is available to our users.
Troubleshoots, maintains and resolves hardware and software problems within the Gelardin
New Media Center as needed and refers issues appropriately.
Suggests revisions in policies and enhancements to services. Researches and recommends
improvements and upgrades as needed.
Effectively and efficiently communicates with faculty, students and staff from across the
campus using all forms of communication.
Monitors and requests needed supplies, media items and equipment.
Trains, supervises and delegates work to student employees.
5. (10%)
Professional contributions/development
Serves on departmental, library and/or university-wide committees and task forces as required
participates in local consortia and regional and national associations.
Participates in achieving library-wide priorities.
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