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Writing Center, Public Speaking Center, Tutoring Center, Office of Student Disabilities, Office of Learning Resources, and
Career Services: monthly meetings are held to maintain a strong partnership with all entities.
Other academic institution N= 6
A Center located in the library has worked with an HBCU, to bring in one of their former deans to speak on the
institution’s history and importance to overall state development.
California Digital Library (CDL)
Emory Digital Humanities
Information Technology Services: we work together to create a series of express workshops for undergraduate students
that cover a wide variety of academic topics.
Many traveling exhibitions or conferences (in traditional exhibit/learning spaces, not next-gen)
Research Data services: telepresence, Data Boot Camp
Other external organization N=15
A number of librarians have worked with external partners including the public library, local and state museums,
and national archives. Programming has included lectures, exhibits, public presentations, art installations, and
musical events.
American Chemical Society and IEEE
American Library Association: Lincoln exhibit
Artists exhibiting work in the library.
Book editor Flammarion: exhibit on the history of the editor, etc.
Galleries, social movement groups, local organizations on development and facilitation of programming
Health Science Center Library has collaborated with Cade Museum of Innovation and Invention for Harry Potter
science demonstrations.
Many traveling exhibitions or conferences (in traditional exhibit/learning spaces, not next-gen)
Open Minds/University School Week: work with the University School Week Program as well as individual K–12 schools
to develop curriculum based programming for their University School Week Visit. This is normally a two-hour program
tailored for each school (12–15 per year).
Our state library consortium hosts colloquia, lectures, and presentations in our space.
THATCamp Research Triangle Park
Training and Support for consortium
United Way Tax Outreach
VecNet (Vector-Borne Disease Network): institutional repository collaboration
We collaborated with external partners to plan and deliver MoneySmart Week programming in our library.
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