SPEC Kit 342: Next-Gen Learning Spaces · 45
12. Does your library recognize participant completion of any library classes or instructional series (e.g.,
with certificates, badges)? N=71
Yes 16 23%
No 55 77%
If yes, please briefly describe the type of recognition. N=13
Business Research 101 Certificate
Certificate for “undergraduate research skills,” which is a seven-part workshop series.
Certificate for pre-college
Certificates of completion for annual Open House event. Digital badges in recognition for discreet information literacy
skills such as evaluating information, creating search strategies. Certificates for completion of a library tour are available
upon request.
Certificates that can earn grades in certain courses.
Digital Literacy Fellows program for current juniors and seniors is a year-long exploration of new media and
digital literacy.
Graduate Communication Certificate (in collaboration w/Communication Center and others).
OILS is a degree generating department within the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences.
Students receive credit for classes taught by Fine Arts librarians.
The Libraries “Avoiding Plagiarism” workshops require an instructor to sign the student’s completion, which the student
takes back to the Dean of Students Office. Health Science Center Library awards certificate of attendance for medical
terminology course.
We offer a certificate of completion for certain undergraduate instruction workshops.
We teach a credit-bearing course, UNIV190: Demystifying Library Research, as a part of the curriculum.
Additional Comments N=4
Not at this time some consideration for the future.
Not yet, but plan being developed.
Our library does not award its own badges or certificates, but we would facilitate whatever recognition methods
collaborating faculty may use in course-integrated instruction.
We are in the process of developing a badge program.
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