64 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) tax guidance service: table in learning spaces
Writing Center: tutoring
Writing Center and Study Partners peer tutoring: tutoring services offered.
Writing Centre and campus tech support
Other academic institution N= 3
Campus IT: IT services
Department of Student Affairs Student Success Collaboration gave space for presentations.
Sessions on California Digital Library services
Other external organization N=4
Board of Elections: official polling place
Brightspot: for therapy dogs (forthcoming)
Therapy dogs in several campus libraries during final exam periods, flu shots, voter registration
TRAIL conference (Technical Report Archive &Image Library)
22. Are you currently assessing whether the purpose of or ways library learning spaces are being used
are successful/effective? N=70
Yes 59 84%
No, but we plan to 9 13%
No 2 3%
Comments N=13
Answered Yes N=10
Current metrics collected include gate count, reference transactions, patron counts, computer and wireless logins, room
reservation requests, etc.
Not rigorously or systematically
Robust ongoing assessment program includes surveying students, conducting focus groups, interviews, usability testing,
design exercises, photo diaries, to determine whether a recent space refresh has been a success and how we can create
a better learning environment in the future.
The assessment was not about library learning spaces generally, but about the use of one particular classroom, and its
suitability to be repurposed.
Transformation/use aspects such as furniture, equipment, software, and need-specific, responsive space options are
being explored and analyzed.
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