46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
13. Please indicate who is involved in developing/providing instructional activities for library learning
spaces. Check all that apply. N=70
Staff Category Develop instructional activities Provide instruction N
Librarians 69 69 69
Archivists 54 55 57
Library staff 41 54 56
Campus/parent institution partners 46 46 50
A full-time position dedicated to instruction 37 37 37
Other academic institution partners 21 23 25
Other external partners 9 15 15
Total Responses 70 70 70
0 50 100
Other external partners
Other academic ins4tu4on partners
A full-­‐4me posi4on dedicated to instruc4on
Campus/parent ins4tu4on partners
Library staff
Provide instruc4on
Develop instruc4onal ac4vi4es
The specialized or flexible nature of learning spaces can create opportunities for libraries to engage their users with internal or
external programming. For the purposes of this next set of questions, we define programming as activities or temporary installations
planned by the library (alone or in partnership with other entities). Examples of programming include (but are not limited to) lectures,
social events, museum-style exhibits, academic presentations, workshops, and interactive displays.
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