26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
4. Has any learning space been repurposed to a different type of use over time? N=71
Yes 57 80%
No 14 20%
If yes, please briefly describe one example of repurposing a learning space for a different type of
use. N=53
3rd floor of Social Science and Humanities Library houses campus tutoring center.
A classroom with rows of computers was converted into an open flexible learning space with mobile furniture
and technology.
A computer lab was converted to presentation practice rooms.
A flipped classroom was created out of regular computer lab.
A group study room was repurposed to become a presentation practice room.
A group study room was transformed into a presentation practice space. A general classroom was transformed into
large group study. A floor of journals was transformed into a commuter lounge and open study with media:scapes,
lounge furniture, with small event space.
A large traditional reference room, dominated by an extensive reference collection, was converted to a student
collaboration commons with a variety of furniture options that emphasized group-work and flexibility.
A multipurpose room (primarily used for lectures and movie viewing) now has electrified tables and rolling LCD monitors
so that it can also be a laptop training classroom.
A Reserve Books Reading Room was repurposed to become a Technology Sandbox and ice-cream bar with seating area.
In the same vicinity, a current periodicals reading room/display area was repurposed to become a glass-enclosed silent
reading room, with adequate power outlets for laptops/devices. An outdoor terrace was upgraded and furnished to
create an outdoor seating area.
A room that is on what we call “Main Street” in the learning commons was a digital media service for faculty to use in
support of instruction. It was open 8 to 5. We moved it off main street and repurposed the room for research assistance,
research consultation, and a 24-hour collaborative workspace for students.
A space that was set up as a standard collaborative workroom was repurposed to support the learning needs of
students with accessibility issues. We are also currently repurposing one learning space and are creating a makerspace.
An area that previously had mixed learning space and stack space was re-purposed into the Math Learning Success
Center, which is operated by the Math Department.
An electronic classroom with fixed desktop computers (configured in late 90s) was recently retired, the space converted
to office space for our expanding Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Unit.
Auditorium to a computer classroom
Bert’s Café and Study Lounge: Bert’s Study Lounge, located in the library lobby, is an inviting space intended to support
collaborative and peer learning. Users can engage with technology to accomplish their academic goals as well as see
how others have used these resources in a creative, informal, and fluid learning atmosphere that combines expertise,
technology, and resources.
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