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Creativity Studio: A flexible, “white box” space that can be easily reconfigured and transformed to support a variety
of activities in many disciplines, with high-definition, 3D-capable projectors, movable and writable walls, a full theater
lighting kit, and many interactive tools that can be configured for simulations and virtual environments.
Grad Exchange is used for formal instruction. “Media viewing” area is used for formal instruction w/laptops.
Our shared library/IT space is used for both formal instruction and informal (drop-in) workshops, but the balance is
more formal instruction.
Service points and librarians’ offices are often used for informal instruction.
TILE classroom -see above
Informal N=6
Booths and movable tables in the two Commons, new collaborative classroom with open porch area.
Digital Media Lab: Audio studio, video studio. Music Library: media:scape table in the stacks
General learning commons is available to all—undergrad, grad, and faculty.
Lecture hall is used for presentations and lectures to which students are invited or required to attend for class.
Our collaborative study area is one that is used for informal instruction. Our librarians have worked with faculty
for specific course work that requires group work or active learning. Librarians have also taught class sessions for
Design and Environmental Analysis students studying public learning spaces in our collaborative space explaining our
assessment process and why specific pieces of furniture and technology were chosen over others.
We use our Learning Commons for formal and informal instruction. Not segregated by academic status.
Not typically used for instruction N=5
Family Friendly Study Center
GEOSET studios
Graduate Reading Room, not generally used for instructions save in the past a graduate student open house event.
Graduate study lounge
Honors Quiet Study
Comments N=10
A gaming lab is currently under development.
Because the main learning spaces that we consider “next generation” are designed specifically to meet both formal
and informal learning (multipurpose, instructional, and general access study space) I would want to check BOTH boxes
for the following: Open group study space (active learning labs in WisCEL are both open group and formal instruction
spaces) Multimedia lab with multimedia software (Media Studios both formal, for-credit courses, and informal
collaborative learning) DesignLab: both formal consultation by appointment and informal collaborative learning)
Classroom with fixed computers, and Classroom with tables/no computers: WisCEL Centers designed with multiple
learning spaces and variety of configurations, flexible by design, both formal and informal instruction occurs.
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